Just Arrived!

General Program Information

** Groups will sell 8 oz. jar candles.

** Suggested retail price is $10.00 (your cost is $6.00/ea).

** Suggested sell time is 2 weeks.

** Estimated delivery is one week after order is called/faxed in.

** Collect money as orders are taken.

** Checks should be made payable to your organization.

** All money is due when the order is picked up.

** There is a minimum order of 100 jars. If you do not think you will sell this many, please do not participate in this fundraiser.

**Our fundraisers are limited to groups. We do not conduct fundraisers for individuals.

** A group-specific order form will be made available when you decide on the scents you want to sell, copies should be made as needed.

Top Sellers: (You may choose up to 6)

*Strawberry Champagne *Pomegranate *Warm Vanilla Sugar *Sweet Pea *Fresh Linen *Mulberry *Love Spell *Romance *Paradise *Midnight

If you want to sell a fragrance not listed, please just ask!

Final Counts:

** Your order may be picked up or we may arrange for delivery approximately one week after the final count is called/faxed in. Please call in advance to make sure they are ready.

** Please have full payment ready at time of pick up or delivery. Checks should be made payable to: Sweet Aroma Candles

** The total due will be _______candles sold x $6.00 = __________. Your profit from each is $4.00

** For additional information, please see contact information below:

*(337) 348-9091 (Kelly)

*(337) 462-3195 - Fax