Just Arrived!

Fragrance Descriptions

I have described the scents to the best of my ability....although nothing is like smelling them for real!!! They are all wonderful!! Several of the fragrances are our own unique blends, including our proven#1 seller, Strawberry Champagne. It has been #1 for over 7 years now!!

* Apple Jack & Peel - A fruity & spicey blend. Reminiscent of freshly baked apple pie.

* Baby Powder - A soft & gentle classic.

* Blueberry - A tart & fruity fragrance. Mix with Paradise to get a blueberry muffin effect.

* Cotton Candy - Sugary & sweet, just like its name sake.

* French Vanilla - A simple classic. Hint: Have a candle thatís too strong? Mix it with French Vanilla to create a milder scent.

* Fresh Linen - Clean & Cheerful. Like laundry right off the line.

* Garden Gate - A crisp & clean scent with subtle floral highlights.

* Key Lime - A light Tropical scent with hints of coconut.

* Love Spell - A tart, fruity & floral blend. Similar to the Victoriaís Secret fragrance.

* Maui - A Hawaiian breeze. With rich, beachy, floral undertones.

* Mediterranean Fig - A truly unique blend. Delicate with a slight fruity tartness.

* Midnight - A masculine scent. Comparable to Drakkar Noir cologne.

* Mulberry - A full bodied fragrance which is slightly fruity.

* Muscadine - A decadent grape scent. Which is neither too tart nor too sweet.

* Paradise - A luscious and popular scent. Itís both sweet & fruity, and has a slight fresh cake undertone.

* Pomegranate - A refreshing sweet & fruity scent. A favorite amongst our customers.

* Romance - A gorgeous combination of florals & sweet fruits. Like a womanís fine perfume. A truly romantic scent.

* Satsuma - A vibrant citrus that mixes well with all other scents.

* Simply Naked - The essence of summer! A delicate balance of granny smith apples, honeydew melon with middle notes of strawberries and pears, and hints of spice.

* Strawberry Champagne - Our Number 1 Seller! An indulgent & scrumptious blend Of ripened strawberries and bubbly champagne.

* Strawberry Kiwi - A lovely summer scent. The perfect blend of fruit & musk.

* Strawberry Shortcake - A sinfully sweet scent, freshened with hints of ripe strawberry.

* Sweet Pea - A lovely tart scent similar to that of Bath & Body works.

* Sweet Victoria - A deliciously sweet fruit fusion with fragrant pineapple highlights.

* Warm Vanilla Sugar - A magnificent twist on the classic French Vanilla.